About Prime Golf

Perfect Tournament & Tee Time Marketing

Prime Golf is a Limited Liability Corporation based in the heart of America: Southwest Missouri. Since 2011 we have been perfecting the combination of traditional advertising and digital, database marketing to fill unused tee times and tournament registrations for course pros throughout the country.

For Free

And get this: the cost to these pros and tournament organizers is nothing. Zero Dollars.


No kidding.

Sophisticated and Proven

It’s a sophisticated and proven business model that we take great pride in, and would love to share with you: a course pro or golf tournament organizer who’s wanting to fill more open tee times and tournament slots. Reach out to us if you’d like to explore a partnership. We have references, cool stories, and helpful golf marketing advice — free of charge!

Because with each new course partner, with every additional tournament and golf event, and with each new region we add to our network, our marketing dynamically learns and becomes more effective for all our partners.

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Join us. Spend no money. And start selling out your golf tournaments and camps and filling your unused tee times.